Med Supp (Lumico) question

Aug 9, 2019

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    I just had one declined with them for the same reason, I went level 2 because they were supposed to be easy with previous heart issues

    There underwriting was a little longer also, they said I could get him approved with a letter from his doctor that took some time as well

    He called me on a Monday morning and said I got the letter from my doctor, But my nurse daughter came by this weekend, when she saw the letter asked why I got it, And told me not to switch from BC because BC is the best and pay the best, I could no longer talk sense into him after all that time
    vic120, Aug 14, 2019
  2. somarco

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    Everyone is different, but I don't spend any time chasing after difficult underwriting situations. Much easier to fish in a different spot.

    Don't get me wrong. I enjoy helping people out. But my "save the world social work days" are in the past.

    If they are outside of IEP I rarely submit an application until I have done a THOROUGH pre-screen. If they don't qualify for preferred or standard rates I tell them I can't help them.

    Husband of a 6 year client has been trying to get me to write his coverage since before his wife T65. Until a few years ago there was nothing out there that could beat his rate.

    Now that there is some room to save a few $$$ he has been diagnosed with RA. No one will take him.

    At least no one I trust . . .

    He reached out to me a few weeks ago, once again asking for a better rate. He said he went off plaquenil in June and his doc pronounced him "cured". No sign of RA.

    I said still no options.

    There is no cure for RA (WebMD) and plaquenil will show up in his 5 yr history . . . along with his initial RA diagnosis.

    He told me he had applied with GPM through another agent and it saves him $40 per month.

    I wished him well and said I hope this works out for you.
    somarco, Aug 14, 2019
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    Agreed 100%!
    Bevo, Aug 14, 2019