Medicaid and VA LTC Issues with FE/Life Insurance

Discussion in 'Final Expense Forum' started by 1reason, Mar 28, 2015.

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    A LTC question at first glance may appear better suited in the LTC forum, but it's actually a life insurance question I have.

    I have a case with over $300K in relatively liquid assets and over $500K total with one spouse that's a vet (war-time, but not disabled) and just started suffering from dementia.

    It appears from what I've read that the VA LTC are much more friendly than Medicaid, especially with look backs, spend downs, and recovery rules.

    The objective is to move the money to the kids (within the rules of course). If she buys a medicaid annuity with his half of the money, it doesn't leave anything for the kids.

    But what are the thoughts here on him buying a $1500 FE policy (if appropriate - and are there ones that make sense in light of dementia?) and her buying a large life insurance policy (or maybe survivorship??) / annuity with a long period certain so most goes to the kids.

    Has anyone had to traverse through FE planning with the Medicaid or VA elephants in the room?

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