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    I am hosting a weekly chat called Medicare Cafe - Where senior market agents can drink java and talk shop.

    Every Tuesday at 10am (Central). REGISTER HERE

    Each session is about 15-20 minutes long and covers things relative to the senior market, such as:
    - Medicare Plans
    - Cross Selling
    - Marketing Ideas
    - Sales Tips
    - And more

    If you have been to any of my training sessions, you know we keep them light-hearted and entertaining (or at least the best we can, after all, it is Medicare info).

    It is free to attend. You only have to register once and you are in the loop. After each session, I send out a post email with notes, resources and more, so if you cannot make it you are still in the loop!

    Best part, I don't turn over the list to our recruiters so you will not be harassed for attending. Yea, I get those call too.

    Hope to see you there!

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