Minn Life IUL Eclipse Vs Orion

Sep 18, 2017

  1. emanTX

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    Minn Life is discontinuing the Eclipse product the end of this year.

    Why is the Orion product better?

    Yes the amount of initial insurance is higher than eclipse relative max premium levels, but the accumulation values and long term death benefit on my eclipse illustrations appear better than orions.

    I used a 6% growth rate.
    Female January 1950 Preferred Smoker
    400k increasing death benefit for first 10 years
    Then 475k level death benefit for rest of policy life.
    Premium of 41k/year for 10 years.

    At age 85 the CV is about 605k and DB is about 635 and growing to about $1 Million by age 90.

    How is Orion better?

    Although the low vol product appears better because on unlimited cap, the Blended with a 17% may outperform the low vol which averages 10%, but that is not as important imo as these are speculative elements.
    emanTX, Sep 18, 2017
  2. scagnt83

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    South Carolina
    The longer interest rates stay low. The crappier "new and improved" versions of products will get.

    I dont sell Min Life IUL. But generally speaking, very few carriers are able to provide a higher benefit to clients now vs. 3 to 6 years ago. Rates are lower, that means the insurer makes less money, that means they cant afford to pay as much in benefits to clients.

    Some carriers are more honest about it and reflect it in lower Caps/Rates/etc. (like Midland)

    Some lie and repackage it into a less transparent product and tell you its a "new and improved" version. It seems Min Life falls in this group.
    scagnt83, Sep 18, 2017
  3. emanTX

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    I simply noticed that Orion was not building as nice as Eclipse. It appears my observation is correct.

    Thanks for the insight.
    emanTX, Sep 19, 2017