Move Your Agent Offices & Grow Stronger

Feb 25, 2016

  1. GXR2

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    Our office happens to be in the nonstandard somewhat bad area of town. Rent controlled government housing, drugs, unemployed.

    The agency knows this but refuses to do anything about it. Too expensive to move they say. Yet they spend money on other things like it grows on trees. Go figure.

    I think this is a BAD business decision.

    Agents are similar to soldiers on the front line. If you're not investing in your soldiers how can you expect to win the battle?

    In this case the "battle" being ... Low retention, nonstandard risks, unfaithful, non-pay cancels, high claims.. Etc.

    Why can't a large agency recognized this, act on this? Can agencies be so big that business decisions become like a whale trying to turn around in a swimming pool?

    The frustrating part is agents who work for big agencies are at the mercy of the big corporation and can't move unless the agency decides to move.

    You independent business owner agents DO have this flexibility. Small nimble. I envy you in that regard.

    If you're planning to open up your own shop, get into the BEST location you can afford. When you grow, move to an even BETTER location.

    I never used to think location was that important. That an agent can go prospecting outside their area and be okay. I'm know now that agent office location is vital. VERY vital. Many preferred clients won't venture into a iffy area.
    GXR2, Feb 25, 2016