Multitasking assets

Jun 4, 2018

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    Single Premium Life (SPL) multitasks funds to supplement critical care needs, tax plan, build a legacy, and achieve better growth with higher rates and tax deferral. IAMS helps producers take hold of this critical opportunity with our SPL Sales System which supplies these five critical components:
    • Proven sales language
    • Quality case development
    • Full product spectrum
    • Strong commission payouts
    • Proven prospecting assistance
    The SPL storm is here. The products are better, the underwriting is quicker and more generous, the commissions are 10-16%, and the consumer need is peaking now; that’s why our producers are doing more business in a month than we issued in the entire year in 2014! If you have not given this marketplace your attention, now is the time to take a look. If you have done some business here, but are not experiencing exponential growth, it’s time to tap into IAMS 32 years of SPL experience.

    We make SPL sales easy with SPL University. This series of video shorts is designed with you in mind and offers, in bite sized pieces, confirmation that this is the opportunity you can’t miss.

    Now take the first step in gaining critical insight and strategy from one of the country’s most accomplished SPL advocates. For an overview of SPL University, enjoy this short video and sign up to receive the current and future power packed SPL sales keys.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.