My review of Martech5

May 29, 2019

  1. William76

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    Gave this guy (David T. Andre) every opportunity to generate a positive experience, receiving none.
    The premise is simple. Buy leads. He makes automated cold calls at a time you schedule, and live-transfers them to whatever phone number you like. If it turns into a sold policy, pay him a small commission.

    I let myself be duped into signing an agreement before I was ready, because he claimed to have bought the leads and needed my deposit to cover some of his expenses. I also spoke with references he provided, and felt comfortable, so advancing the decision time wasn't a concern.

    Couldn't get him to give info about recording the script, so I wrote and recorded one of my own.

    Tried making me buy a few hundred leads more until I pointed out the written agreement.

    We scheduled Thursdays from 7-8p, twice by email, and once over the phone. He stopped calling after the first night, with his assistant (Jay Brown) telling me a week later, on the night I instructed more calls to be made, I "should've assumed" I'd have to re-request more calls, and he couldn't get me scheduled again until into the next week on a night I'm not available.

    The one night they called for me, 2 of the 3 transferred calls insisted they were on the DNC list, which I only had verbal assurances would be the responsibility of Martech5.

    They see nothing wrong in stopping services without prior discussion, and have not acknowledged Jay Brown’s rude behavior when he tried to make their breach my fault. It seems as though I caught them lying to me about buying the leads before I committed, in order to guilt me into a deal.

    I’d say it’s okay to do business with these guys if you get everything in writing, but based on my experience, why bother? There’s got to be better options available. It’s just my experience. Do what you want.