Need a Market Private Sewer Line

Feb 15, 2016

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    I have a client who owns a couple of commercial building that used septic systems. He financed a sanitary sewer line to the buildings and conected it to the city sewer line. He technical owns the line and the city must maintain it by agreement. After 5 years the city becomes the owner. It has passed EPA inspections and approvals. 4 other building owned by others will now be required to tap into the line and my client will receive the most of the tap in fees and eventually will break even.

    I cant find any company willing to insure him for GL for a reasonable premium. He recieves no revenue except part of the tap in fees, so to me he isnt an operating utility. He just needs a GL

    Any help would be appreciated the only quote I could get was for a "Utility Company" and it was about 5k-

    Thank You
    BuckeyeR, Feb 15, 2016