Need advice for face to face b2b

Jul 24, 2008

  1. toc3

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    Looking for a good 1st pitch when walking into a small business to inquire about showing supplemental plans. Something that would get the decision maker to want to sit down with me.
    toc3, Jul 24, 2008
  2. Guest

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    Bring in two really big guys in black leather coats to stand behind you when you talk to the gatekeeper. "I want to see the boss and I want to see him/her now." That always worked for me when I was selling Colonial.

    Seriously, there IS not "one pitch" that works in all businesses and all areas of the country and in all industry sectors. Car dealers are a lot different than law offices which are a lot different from medical offices.

    "I can show you a way to offer benefits to your employees at no direct cost to you" will get their attention if offering benefits is on their radar. If it isn't, move on and try again a month from now. Third time is often the charm... which is why AFLAC has their people calling again and again and again. Their problem is that they do it every week, not every month or two... which tends to piss off the owners... not that AFLAC cares.

    The Jackass
    Guest, Jul 24, 2008
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    In regard to AFLAC, I think it is more a matter of it just working out that way based on the number of agents who are just appointed and authorized to roam. One thinks he is coming back to try again next month. So do the other five agents who saw that business owner. Thus, it turns out to be weekly or often even daily.