Need advice on who to get appointed with in SC

Feb 15, 2008

  1. chp

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    South Carolina

    I just went independent as a life and health agent after a few years being a captive agent. I have all my health companies lined up, but not sure about what life insurance companies to get appointed with. Do most of you just have one company that you use, or do you get multiple companies? Also, million dollar question: who are the best companies to get appointed with ( I will sell in NC and SC)? I am not that up to speed on the major life companies. Do any of the companies offer a return of premium on term life policies? What are the industry standards in regards to E and O that I will need?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks, Mike
    chp, Feb 15, 2008
  2. Ahnuld

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    Hi Mike,
    Do good for your client and it will do good for you. Nothing is worse than having to clean up a mess that you could have avoided from the get go. In a word: Quality, Quality, Quality.

    It's been said that,..." nothing is more important to a policyholder than the financial strength of their insurance company." I would stick in the rating ranges of A.M. Best's A, A+, and A++ and/or S&P's A, AA, AAA. You cannot go wrong with the A+ carriers. Most likely you are familiar with the perennial standards e.g. NYL, MetLife, NorthWestern Mutual, TransAmerica, Travelers, ING, the Pru, etc. The other members will have some more suggestions, but here are just a handful I like that work well with independent agents:

    • AIG
    • Indianappolis Life (An Aviva Copmpany)
    • Mutual of Omaha
    • Jefferson-Pilot
    • Integrity
    • North American
    • Standard Life
    • American National
    While there are a handful of rating agencies, this source give a handy way to look up any company's S&P rating: Insurance Company Ratings Lookup Tool -

    And good luck to your new venture. Hopefully this is helpful.
    Ahnuld, Feb 15, 2008
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    Hi Mike,
    Alnurd is right -however, what you Need from a company - and what want you to do perhaps Before appointment is also critical. For example, many of the big companies listed want you to sell 10,000 worth of insurance - called a "pre-appointment" (some call it different things), while others will not require that. Some give leads that are free, many don't. So, depending on what you Need from them - or what they require from you - you're best bet is to contact them and find out what they want - or what their rules are.
    Susan N
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    Check out Atlantic Financial. They have alot of carriers you might be looking for.