Need help im moving to another state

Sep 21, 2007

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    hi my name is dan i am always on here reading and learning everyone has been great now i have a big question

    i work in virginia started with med supps then i switched to individual health im appointed with aetna assurant and golden rule and i get my lists from salesgenie

    As things just started to get going (by the way im pretty new to the insurance biz)
    For family reasons i need to move back to new jersey which is where im from
    now i hear individual health insurance in jersey is weird
    i am licensed and have a 800 number and a tradename in Va so what steops should i be doing to move my biz to jersey and is it even possible to sell in jersey or should i sell in my neighboring state pennsylvania (anyone sell there) or can i still sell in Va thnk that would work

    my email is [email protected] if anyone needs it

    PLEASE HELP ME oh to add insult to injury i do not have any money to really put into this anymore but i wqill work my ass off so please feel free to leave ur two cents but plz keep it to the topic
    Thanks in advance everyone
    naddy512, Sep 21, 2007


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    You can work whatever market you choose - this is your choice. Being that you were living in VA you have a lot in common with these people and know the turf - it is a logic choice.

    I believe if you move to NJ permanently you will have to change your home state license to NJ - you will have to check with them on the procedure, then obtain non resident licenses outside of NJ.

    And to add more bad news - none of that is free... You may not have to do this right away though - check with NJ DOI.

    And YES NJ is a guaranteed issue state so I believe with individual insurance commission is non existent or a complete joke. Since individual insurance is guaranteed issue - individual insurance isn't even remotely affordable - but hey it makes politicians feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Sell wherever you want - but VA makes sense since you have a history there, and border states to your home state are logical as well.

    Good Luck!!!