Need Reliable Markets? No Fees. No Long-term Contracts. Just Solutions!

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    Independent agents need reliable, competitive markets – luckily that’s something Smart Choice® can provide!

    Most agents choose the independent agency route over the captive agency route to offer their customers choice, competitive pricing and to be free to sell a variety of different products and services. But the independent world is much different, and many agents find themselves struggling to contract with reliable and competitive carrier partners. Enter the Managing Agent Group (MGA).

    There are plenty of MGA-type companies in the independent insurance world, but they don’t all allow agents to remain completely independent. But wait - isn’t that why you became an independent agent in the first place? To be free of captive-type contracts? Most MGA’s require lengthy contract terms that come with huge financial burdens. Do you want to sign a lengthy contract with an MGA from the very beginning, not knowing whether the relationship will even work out? Can you afford to shell out large sums of money up front and every month for access to markets?

    Most agents would answer “no” to these questions. You just started a business – you need all the capital coming into the agency that you can get as you begin to establish yourself.

    Luckily Smart Choice® offers solutions to agents of all experience an opportunity to gain access to markets without having to worry about any of these things. Smart Choice promises:

    You won’t have to sign a contract tying you to the program for any pre-determined length of time.

    You won’t have to pay anything to join, OR any ongoing monthly fees.

    You’ll get access to the best Personal and Commercial lines carriers in the business.

    You’ll keep ownership of your customers.​

    Competitors say “Smart Choice can’t offer markets for free, so what are you really getting?” As a Smart Choice partner agency, you’ll get all of the promises listed above – guaranteed.

    How does it work? You’ll be able to gain appointments with top-rated national and regional carrier partners in the industry by sharing a split of your commission earnings – but ONLY on the carriers you access through the Smart Choice program. Your direct appointed carriers and commission earnings remain 100% yours. Best of all, after you reach a fair and easily attainable level of commission written through Smart Choice appointed carriers you’ll get 100% of your commissions.

    Smart Choice was created to make independence and success possible for EVERY agent, not to tie an agent to their program for life. In fact, the program was founded in 1994 by a struggling agent – Doug Witcher - who wanted to find solutions to common problems plaguing all independent agents. He pledged to establish Smart Choice so that the independent agency model could succeed and become a more viable option for entrepreneurial minded people. Are you interested in learning more? Read Doug’s story at, or visit the Smart Choice website to learn about their various programs and agency solutions at
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