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Jun 25, 2008

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    Hello everyone! I am new to this field of work and am presently studying to go and sit for my exam for the health insurance license. I am very excited, but have found it to be very confusing as to where I should start looking for potential companies to work for selling the healt insurance.

    I want to work solely from home and do not want to have to go outside of the home to sell the health insurance going door to door. I have a friend that sells life insurance and she does it door to door. She told me that she has heard of people selling the health insurance from home but is not selling the health insurance so she couldn't really help me out in that area.

    I would like to help people that are going to be turning 65 and those that are 65 sign up for healthcare insurance such as Medicare and other Medicare Supplemental insurance. I would love to do this type of work and am trying to find out if there are companies that you can apply to work for that will actually route calls to you and provide you with information of people that would like to enroll in Medicare and such. Is this possible and if so, does anyone know of any companies that I can check into that I can apply for this type of work? Are they commissioned based and hourly pay jobs or just commissions only? Also, is it very hard to get on with these companies?

    I am very new to this and am seeking a little guidance. I was directed to post here so here I am :). Any information and advice is greatly appreciated. TIA
    telechic, Jun 25, 2008
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    I'm not sure where to begin.

    The short answer would be, what you are looking for as a new agent does not exist.

    Get your license and you can sign up with any of the companies offering Med Supp insurance. Their only requirement is that you have a license and are still warm.

    Do not count on insurance companies forwarding you anything except when you have a debit balance with them.

    Agents successfully sell Med Supp insurance from home (underwear agents) but I think it would be very difficult to start out that way. You need a lot of experience sitting at the "kitchen table" to do it successfully.

    It sounds like you think that selling insurance is a pretty easy job and does not require a lot of time and experience. Plan on doing lots of research, reading, studying and learning everything about Medicare and Med Supp insurance. Once you have that down and are an expert on it then you can delve into the various Medicare Advantage Plans.

    If you really want to "help people" you can only do that after you know as much or more about Medicare and the options available than Medicare does.