New Agent at a Crossroads

Mar 15, 2016

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    Good evening and thank you for allowing me to post in this forum. I made the mistake of posting in the reply section!

    I have just started in this industry and I am wondering which would be the best entrance for me at this point. I have been with one company when I was hired in as part time and yes, the position was definitely for that! About a week ago, I get a letter and a phone call from home office and manager that my appointment had been terminated due to ( as the manager mentioned, I was not full time).

    Since that time, I have had four companies, two of which have requested interviews, one I have been on and attended the open house. The other I am awaiting messages. The last company, I was a captive agent.

    In attending the open house and first interview, I discover that this one does in fact have part time position and is non-captive.

    As a starting agent, and I still have to work my current part time job, plus I don't want to go into another agency only to be told my appointment is terminated again. Would the non-captive independent company work best?

    Thank you for all of your insights.