New Agent Seeking Guidance

Aug 4, 2015

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    I hope everyone is hitting all their goals and enjoying the weather! I have a moment at lunch so I wanted to reach out to the forum which I research daily. My questions may have been answered in depth but please bare with me, I've searched and read quite a bit on these topics but still have some lingering questions.

    I see some general consensus that clusters have their place and are good at accelerating growth but when outgrown can be a burden. With that said, what can a new agent expect with direct appointments? Currently I average 15k a month P&C and some Life here and there as a captive. I'm still under a year experience but I've started seeing the glory that is Independent and the benefit of offering multiple carriers and non standard markets.

    **Which carriers can I try/should I try for P&C/L&H appointments starting off if not clustered?

    **Would it be better to begin L&H then add P&C or aim to represent those lines all at once? I do want to multi-line and offer more sooner rather than later.

    For those wondering I'm in NC and plan on non resident license in SC as well down the road. I'm in no rush to make this change because I want to ensure that this is the best path, I love my current position and I'm hitting the goals/learning to sale on value > price. Any advice, insight, or criticisms are always appreciated.



    Hey all, just to clarify I plan to get at least 2 more years of experience. Just wanted some advice, so far a cluster looks like the best route unless I work for an Indy and increase my production in the meantime.
    Waldo, Aug 4, 2015
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    I've been lurking long enough here to know there are two good answers.

    1) "You'll always bag more quail if you aim at one at a time instead of the whole covey"

    2) Aim for what you are passionate about and for which you can make a business case

    Aiming at multi-line to start is likely to run you ragged trying to meet the various volume commitments you have for each appointment. Start simple and build from there.

    There's no best answer to where you should start, for better or worse. Which types of insurance really make you want to get up in the morning and start protecting people? What connections do you have that could make you successful serving that market? How are you going to get in front of clients to sell them the type of insurance you want to sell?

    I'm a total rookie just getting by in the captive world myself, but you'll do well if you listen to the vets here. Those aren't my words above, but what I've picked up over time here.
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    North Carolina
    What part of NC are you from?