New Digital Lead Program (Beta Testing)

Jul 27, 2019

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    I'm currently seeking advisors that want to try a new lead program I'm creating.

    The lead program will target pre-retirees and retirees.

    It will cost you nothing except a little bit of work upfront. No hand-holding.

    You don't have to get contracted with the FMO I'm affiliated with.

    You must have a website currently. Let me clarify this:

    • A landing page will not work. A facebook or social media page will not work.
    • You can not create a website just to be in the program. Established websites only.
    • You must coachable and timely meaning I'll drop you as a tester if you're not.
    • You must be willing to do the program now not in a few weeks, months, etc.

    You must be fairly computer savvy.
    • If you are not, I don't have time to hold your least not in this stage of the development.
    • If you have to clarify with me if you're computer savvy, you're probably not a fit as a tester.
    • I'm just trying to save everyone from wasting time.

    What do I get out of this? I get hard data that tells me if the program will work or not.

    If my program works (and I'm confident it will), I can put together a solid lead program together in the future. Sounds crazy right....someone genuinely trying to create a quality lead program by testing it out first?

    If it flops (and it might), nobody loses.

    If you're interested (and not kicking the tires), send me a message or email me.

    Please send the URL of your website as well.

    P.S. - If you're not a fit as a tester now this doesn't mean your not a fit for the program if it becomes developed.