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    As I said before, give me a call and let's see if I can help you. Of course, if you're going well in the T65 market there may be no need.
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    keese You can add the angle of asking how often their agent contacts them about keeping them up to date about changes in the Medicare market. I would guess about 95% of Medicare agents fail in the first 2 years and it's a good chance that the agent who sold them their Medigap is no longer in the business. Let them know you can review their Part D drug plan every year and you can move them if need be.

    I agree with everything that Todd King says and the brokerage firm I used to work for always had 2 part time telemarketers calling year round the 67 and up age group. You want to look at carriers who had large rate increases and whenever someone tells you that they have that carrier ask them about their 8% to 12% rate increase and how they are handling that financially. The vast majority of seniors are on a fixed income and many of them assume that all carriers charge roughly the same rate for the coverage that they have which we know is false. If they are too unhealthy to pass underwriting you can always plant the seed for them to call you during AEP for an MA plan as well if MA is a viable option for them.

    Since Social Security pushed full retirement benefits from age 65 to 67 a few years ago, it's very smart calling T67s in more affluent areas since the middle class tends to retire now at age 67 due to SSI. Also the great thing about this age group is that they are home almost 100% of the time and many from this generation still have landlines.

    Building rapport and having your prospect like you is very important. Please watch this Tony Robbins video about building rapport as the information in this video will greatly help you become a better sales person.
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    I don't disagree with much of what you're saying. I've cold called 65+ using lists and used mail drops for 65+. I have just had more success with T65s in both cold calling and mail drops. 65+ has more hurdles to jump over like health underwriting. Currently I pretty much never switch unhealthy individuals from a Med Supp to an MA because I think that is morally reprehensible, and even if you're an unscrupulous agent and don't care about that it can open yourself up to liability issues.

    I don't have issues selling to 65+, I personally have found my time better spent on T65s outside of AEP.

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