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Mar 21, 2007

  1. arizona07

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    I just got licensed in P&C, H&L in Arizona.

    What is my next step to be an independent agent? I need training, but I am a fast learner and have my own leads. Do I need to get E&O Ins?

    Help I want to get started asap!

  2. Frank Stastny

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    Welcome, it's always nice to see "new faces" here.

    Have you looked around and do you have an idea what companies you want to sell for? That should be your first step. It's hard for me go much beyond that because I live in Missouri. Maybe there is someone here from Arizona that can be of more help.

    I think most agents would consider E&O insurance a very wise investment. The cost is minimal, and having it may help you sleep better at night.

    Start a thread asking if anyone is from Arizona. That should get things going for you.
  3. Sam

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    Just a recommendation- Pick one, pc or lh, and stick with that for the first year. There is an allure to scooping up everything on the table, but you will be much better off with a specialty.

    If you give some information on what type of products interest you the most, and what kind of leads you have, we could better advise you. Some leads are better suited for various products.
    Sam, Mar 22, 2007
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    Hello Arizona07,
    I am writing to let you know that I can assist you in making sure that your applicants have a pleasurable paramedical experience when applying for life insurance through your office. I currently work independent of all the local paramedical branches and bill all of my services through Portamedic Home Office. I am not a direct representative of their local branch.
    What this means to you is that you can have a one-on-one paramedical relationship with me. This relationship means that you can reach me at any time on my cell phone (after hours), get personalized status reports, tell your applicants who I am and what they can expect from me when I arrive at their desired exam location -- guaranteed professional service.
    So why would you use me as opposed to the local branch office that you normally call? Well my experience is stellar! I am always on time to my appointments! I never miss a blood draw! I am always polite and I never receive any complaints! Is this too good to be true? Well you will be surprised how easy the local branch examiners make errors (misrouted paperwork is #1 error) which will delay the issuance of your client’s policy!
    Why would you not want a bad paramedical examiner? The paramedical examiner is a direct representative of not only the Insurance Company in question, but rather your sales of the policy.
    I hope to take your paramedical order soon!
    Sam Akers
  5. jmmauthe

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    I concur!!! I had this elaborate plan to work in all areas when I first started out. However, now almost 2yrs in the business all I have been focusing on is P&C. Although not by choice, initially, it has given me a concrete foundation so that once I do segue into L&H it won't feel like I have forgotten one area just to learn another. I have been able to educate 'the average joe' on P&C coverage and concerns even outside the office, unfortunately most feel it's more necessary to have P&C coverage rather than L&H...therefore giving me more opportunity to utilize my P&C knowledge.
    I highly recommend soaking in the knowledge of industry veterans!! This industry seems to be the most helpful to make sure others succeed.
    jmmauthe, Nov 29, 2007