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Feb 16, 2008

  1. petiteprincessli

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    i am thinking of starting with a company that does health and life insurance
    and i am a bit scared lol im afraid of failure
    is it hard to pass the test?
    any advice?:err:
  2. Krono

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    Which company?
    Krono, Feb 16, 2008
  3. Guest

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    It is far better to fail to be afraid... than to be afraid to fail.

    If you can't channel the "fear" into "adventure" you are not going to make it in a business where rejection is the norm, not the exception.

    If you go to the plate thinking you are going to strike out or are afraid of striking out, you are never going to get a hit.

    "Attitude" is a "big thing" in sales... any sales... actually in any endeavor. Do you think a surgeon is afraid he will kill the patient? If so, he would never make the incision.

    As the old 1969 Met fan said "Ya gotta believe!"

    If you are truly "afraid to fail" please get a nice, safe, government job.

    I'm not being cruel. This is "tough love." So please accept it as such.

    Guest, Feb 16, 2008
  4. xrac

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    No the examine is not hard to pass if you are reasonably intelligent and study. So what if you fail. If you fail get up and go again. Failure is a way we learn. How do you know if you can do this or would like doing it if you don't ever try. A lot of us have failed more than once. A lot of successful people have a failure in their past. I know a MDRT member who had a bankruptcy due to a poor business investment. Just make sure you are with a reputable company and look for someone to be your mentor.
    xrac, Feb 16, 2008
  5. flecha76

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    I kinda sorta got the same question, but so far I can say I'm sure you need to stay away from United American (or any company under Torchmark)
    My comments so far are here:
    2 birds - Insurance Agent Forum

    As for the "IS IT HARD TO PASS THE TEST?" question, here's my best advice along with the obvious encouragement anyone else will give:

    I've been through part of an online course that helps a lot with getting your license in basically any state. It's they guarantee that after you've been through their course and passed their exams at the end, that you will pass your test the first time, or they pay for your to take it again. The questions they have in their final exams are very similar to the real test questions. And the site is really easy to use, they explain every little detail, as well as being the cheapest course available (that I know of) that will give you all you need, and you are sure to pass.
    flecha76, Feb 16, 2008
  6. bizwiz

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    Hello there! In my opinion you should not worry about failure. A person only reaches success if they have failed at least a couple of times.
    bizwiz, Feb 16, 2008