New Medicare Enrollee

Aug 11, 2008

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    [FONT=&quot]Rick might have answered this for me by phone a couple months back but I have slept since then.

    I have a client/friend that turned 65 6/9/08. He is still active in business that has a group plan. A few months ago he enrolled in Medicare and apparently signed up for Part B. Shortly thereafter he decided to stay in the group plan at his business but did not let Medicare know this. He recently received a notice from [/FONT][FONT=&quot]CMS[/FONT][FONT=&quot] that he owes the last quarterly premium on part B and the upcoming quarter. He wants to know if he has to pay it. Does he have to take part A and B if he is still working and participating in his grp medical plan? If he opts out now can he get back in later when he does need it and a supp? [/FONT]
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    Minus any other mitigating factors that you didn't mention or maybe you don't know about yet, yes, he has to pay for the part B premium while he had it. He doesn't have to pay for part B for the next quarter if he drops it, which he can do.

    He can get B back when/if he leaves his employer coaverage. He will have a month window from when he starts B back to buy a med sup on a GI basis. He would have a 63 day window for a PDP when he gets B back providing that it's because he left or lost credible group coverage.

    There could very well be some rule that would change this because he had B for a while and then dropped it.
    jdeasy, Aug 11, 2008
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    I would think that as long as he has evidence of coverage when he applies for Part B the second time that he would be fine.

    His best bet would be to go down to the SS office and talk to them.