New P/C Agent - Couple Questions

Jan 25, 2016

  1. ZMonster

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    Hi Everyone -

    First time posting to the boards here!

    I am a newer P/C producer and the independent agency I am working with has me on a 50/50 for new and renewing, which I understand to be very generous. It is a small agency with two owners and myself and I plan on being here for a while but my questions are:

    What kind of support should I expect from my agency? Both in customer servicing and in sales support.

    Are most non-owner agents stuck at a set xx/xx cut? Or are there sliding commission scales based on the size of my book?

    What does my agency expect from me as far as performance is concerned?

    I understand that every case is different but I am wondering if there is an industry norm or if there is a resource out there somewhere available to new agents that will fill us in on what to expect from our agency, as well as what they expect from new agents.

    I look forward to your responses!
    ZMonster, Jan 25, 2016
  2. WadeQ

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    I don't want to sound rude but the questions you're asking are for the people you're working for. You need to ask them what is required and expected from you. You also need to talk to them about what kind of support they are willing to provide. They have motivation to help you since they are getting 50/50 of your business as well.

    As far as industry norm for a new producer... there really isn't. It all depends on the agency you work for.

    I know this probably isn't much help but most of your questions should be directed to the agency you're working for. Good luck!
    WadeQ, Apr 6, 2016
  3. RicFlairII

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    Good answer.

    To the OP, a 50/50 split does not seem fair as you are doing all of the
    work and they are keeping half the pay plus probably a bonus.

    Most Insurance agencies I know of pay 70/30 at least.

    Do not accept any type of "quotas" with a 50/50 agreement, that makes
    it totally out of balance and not in your favor.