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Dec 28, 2018

  1. Tim Gill

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    My goal is to get a P&C license and be independent. Would appreciate advise/feedback on best approach to achieve this. What can I expect, e.g. early struggles, earnings (assuming I'm capable and work hard), a timeline to experience success . I know one hurdle would be getting carriers to write. Pertaining to the carrier issue how do I achieve this?

    All advice & comments are appreciated.

    Thank You
    Tim Gill
    Tim Gill, Dec 28, 2018
  2. EugeneM

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    it is discussed a lot. Check out the search function on the site. Im sure people will chime in as well. Good luck!
    EugeneM, Dec 28, 2018
  3. Mike007

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    First, you have to find a cluster that is willing to take on a newly licensed agent. Even most clusters requires 2-3 years experiences. Don't even waste your time contacting the insurance company yourself, they will tell you "NO".

    Next, you will need money to pay for business expenses like office, phone, internet, website, insurance, and other expenses related to business.

    Have good amount of money to pay for marketing material and marketing expenses. If you don't have money to pay for someone to market for you, you better pound the pavement passing out flyers, door hangers, door knocking, and networking with other professionals to trade referrals.

    Buy consumer insurance lists and contact them by phone or mail and ask if you can give them a quote to compete with their upcoming renewal.

    Know your products inside and out. Learn how to sell. Find a sales process that fits your personality. Set goals, set activities and actually go out and do it. I friend of mine always tells his producers, go knock on doors and go get 100 "NOs" a day. Out of all that "NOs", some will say "YES".

    Educated yourself. Read as much as you can about insurance, marketing, and sales. Tons of book at amazon or library.

    Most important thing is TAKE ACTION.
    Mike007, Jan 4, 2019