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Jun 13, 2018

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    I need some general advice about health insurance. I'm a US citizen but have been living abroad (in a country with socialized healthcare) for the past 10 years. I haven't followed the changes in US healthcare all that closely. The last time I lived in the USA, I was on my parents' health insurance plan.

    I'm returning to the USA to live and will arrive in the next few weeks. I'm married to a European citizen and he is entering with a green card. Neither of us have jobs lined up yet because when we arrive (to Washington State, where my current residence is), we are helping my parents move across the country. Eventually, we are settling in Pennsylvania, but will most likely not arrive before August.

    What options do I have? When we've traveled in the USA in the past, we've had travel insurance, of course. Is there any way to get a travel insurance policy for the first 6 months to cover us until we find jobs? Or is it possible to sign up right away with the ACA, even though my state of residence when I arrive will change in the first couple of months?
    Rmm217, Jun 13, 2018