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Jun 20, 2008

  1. Chadcs

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    Just saying hello. Gonna start my own business soon and thought I'd get on here for some good old fashioned insurance knowledge! (figure of speech - not insinuating anybody on here is old fashioned in their knowledge! ;)

    About Chad:
    • from Bloomington/Normal, IL (I'm sure some of you have heard of that place!)
    • 4 yrs Navy
    • 4 yrs college w/ a dbl major in Inurance and Finance while receiving my Series 6/63, life, health and accident licens, Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor desig(CMFC) and interned w/ Northwestern Mutual, all as a Sr. in college (busy year)
    • worked in Allstates Equity Investment dept as an associate analyst in Northbrook, IL
    • Earned my Registred Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU) desig
    • Underwrote publicly-traded (and some small private company) D&O, EPLI, Fiduciary liability for 6 years w/ the two largest in the industry (for those lines)
    • Produced for 13 months w/ a syndicate of Lloyds
    • Currently, I'm in the process of starting my own business and doing the research (it's not sales)
    • My best friends and girlfriend (who I was introduced to by a broker) are all in the industry (god help me)
    • I'm living the dream :D
    I'm looking forward to learning on this forum.
    Chadcs, Jun 20, 2008
  2. Mr. Bill

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    Great, welcome, and best of success!
    Mr. Bill, Jun 21, 2008