Newbie here. Help with Auto Insurance

Jun 9, 2008

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    Hi! Everyone. First post on this forum. I hope I'm posting at the right place. Didn't really anything specifically for auto insurance. I'm a consumer (not an agent).

    If I'm at the wrong place, please point me in the correct direction! Greatly appreciated.

    My parents have always taken care me very well in the past. They've bought my cars for me and paid for my insurance. So I really don't know where to start.

    I'm buying a car on my own now (will be paying to off completely if that matters). I want to go under my parents plan to try to get the biggest discount. Since they have multiple policy,multiple car, loyalty, etc. They are currently with State Farm (here in California). We will be living at the same address.

    The State Farm agent claims that the car needs to be registered under my dad's name to qualify for the discount. But I've heard of many individuals who have the insurance under the "father and son" name, but the car only registerd to the son.

    I'm not sure how additional drivers work. Does being the primary driver matter? Don't policy cover even if you let others drive?

    I really don't know what options are available to me. I just feel like the agent wants me to pay the maximum.

    Is there any benefit for me getting coverage on my own?
    mtech8, Jun 9, 2008