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Nov 2, 2015

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    Texas is LIVE and SHATTERING our expectations. In our first real week of implementation, our global statistics showed us quoting over $2,000,000 of premium! $2M IN A WEEK!

    After a year of development, the last 90 days in beta with a great group of marketers and dealing with insurance companies, we are LIVE and quoting BIG numbers right out of the gate. This thing is FAST, and growing even FASTER! We are giving all new signups a 30 day free trial to get starting with the website quoters features. Those alone will justify the account!

    NinjaQuoter is three fold:

    Consumer Website Quoters

    • Term, GUL and Final expense quoters that are consumer facing. (Final expense should be live by 11/16)
    • Completely customize your quote paths so you can maximize consumer flow thru and increase lead volumes with higher conversions.
    • Ninjalytics to test your campaigns, see which pages convert higher and make adjustments. Again, focusing on increasing conversions.
    • Lightning fast. New products, rates, availability etc. is all fed in real time with no manual updates on your part.
    • Turn on and off carriers. Customize your messaging throughout the quote path.
    • Complete landing pages that you insert right into your own websites in seconds.
    • Post leads to your CRM, receive a text or an email or all.
    • Copy/Paste a small piece of code into your site, similar to pasting in HTML to go live. Update and publish from your NQ account to your site without having to touch your site again.
    • Integrated with numerous CRMs and adding more weekly.
    • Duplicate lead suppression and notification rules
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Dictated outcome quoters…(you have a diabetes page and quote standard or table 2 only to consumers)

    We originally planned on just providing Website Quoters with killer features, but decided a few months ago “Why not provide agent quoters as well!” So—we are still a work in progress with our agent quoters. More to come on this.

    Agent Quoter (work in progress, but available)

    • Quotes term, FE and a few GUL. (Final Expense will be live by 11/16)
    • Quotes table ratings, and table rated build (health analyzer)
    • Adding full health analyzer to include bp/chol/fam hx/mvr/tob hx, currently runs on build only
    • Soon to quote riders (child, wop, rop, adb)

    Lead Capture

    • Create a path that doesn’t quote a price but collects data and posts into your crm or sends you a SMS or email notification.
    • Lead capture wasn’t originally a feature, but it was feedback and we built and are testing it now. Should be live in a couple of weeks.

    In lead generation, you used to have to have your marketing person design you a page, your IT guy implement it and program your quoter, and then you drive traffic to it. With, you put on those hats on and design, implement and test your campaigns yourself.

    I look forward to working with each and every one of you to grow our industry. There is a better way to buy and sell insurance and I feel we are on the cusp of something big. I look forward to your feedback, good or bad, about our system because without you, we are nothing and I truly feel we can be something herculean together.

    Please feel free to ask away. This isn’t my system, this is your system. It was built for you to make your life easier and to allow you to sell more insurance.:)

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    do you have a 3 page app that once submitted with any insurance co you are showing rates for that will be handled and placed for me......