P & C FL Agent Needs Help

Jul 1, 2015

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    Hello all,

    Been trolling for a while, as noticed this is my first post. I'm a relatively new P&C agent in South Florida (5+months) I need of some input.

    Signed up with an independent agency which an industry friend recommended. However, although new to insurance I have been in sales for 10+ yrs and this partnership doesn't seem to be working for me. They are slow to get quotes back to me and I feel that I have to constantly email or call the office in order to get anything done. Its a daily struggle to get anything out of them! I'm fed up and Interested in moving on before I invest too much of time and prospects here.

    I've also noticed that there are limited opportunities on the personal lines side. Non competitive because there are few competitive carriers. Can anyone from South FL give me some input on what agencies I could look into? Also interested in knowing of best way to search for agencies on the criteria just mentioned from the community.

    Thanks again and PM's work too.
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    I have a south Florida agency and I can at least guide you in the right direction. E-mail me at [email protected].