P&C Florida Question - Writing 5 Auto Policies a Week..How Do You Do IT?

Nov 28, 2016

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    So guys, just another update here before I go in at the end of this week to do my test..wish me luck btw..if you have any recommendations on free practice test or anything along those lines please send them to me or let me know where to go.

    I made this thread to get prepared, and to start finding a niche or seeing how others find new business in the auto industry. So my question to you guys, what do you do and is it possible to write 4/5 auto policies a week? Do leads really work when bought or is it best to find a relationship to where it is feeded to you? Any help is appreciated, thanks again!
  2. indienoise

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    South Carolina
    An average month for me is somewhere in the ballpark of 30-40 truly "new business" auto policies (not rewrites, replacements, or spin-offs). Almost none of these are leads. Its a mixture of networking with centers of influence, referrals from clients, and SEM.

    This takes time to develop. Don't expect results like this your first year in business. Work internet leads if you have to, just treat it like the short-term plan it hopefully will be, and put just as much effort into building your future business.