Partnering with group that'll provide leads

Aug 15, 2008

  1. Crazy Rick

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    "or take less commission and partner with a group that will provide you leads / appointments."


    This sounds like good advise Tom. I'd be more than willing to take less commission and partner with a group that'll provide me with leads and/or appointments.

    What should I do? Call an indy guy that only sells P&C and offer him my L&H sevices? Or go to another GA? I've got three GAs right now. So far they only get proposals from the carriers for me. I think maybe they should be doing more and I won't get unless I ask, but is the "group" he's talking about? What others? CFPs? Why would they partner with me? They don't have anything to gain....
    I've already sent out my introduction letter to Elder Care Attornies. What other groups is Tom talking about? :confused:
    I want to start this process in the next two hours.

    -Crazy Rick :cool: