Pennsylvania Health Licensed... Adding Life Next Week!!! What Happens After I Pass the Test? Can I S

Sep 9, 2017

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    I currently have my Pennsylvania (resident) health license. I will be testing for my Life license next week. I am having trouble finding information on how it will work after passing the test... Since I have already done the finger printing and background screening for the health line will I be able to see right away?

    Specific Questions...

    I am pretty sure I do, but I'd like to confirm that I have to do the pre-licensing course work?

    Will I need to pay for and have the fingerprinting done again?

    Since all of the background stuff is done, will I be able to sell life products after passing the test or is there still a period in which I have to wait?

    If I do have to wait... what will I be waiting on and how long does it usually take?

    There are many people on here with a lot of experience and knowledge. I would really appreciate any insight or information you all could share with me.

    Thank you
    Brian A