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Aug 10, 2015

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    I'm looking for general statistics - it would be helpful if provided links.

    Looking for sales pipeline closing ratios... For example... Let's say my pipeline consisted of 4 levels:

    Potential Leads - this is a lead list, companies I can contact

    Suspects - these are 1st Meeting leads (they converted from list to suspects)

    Prospects - these Leads are Follow Up Meetings (they converted from suspects to prospects)

    Sales Opportunity - These are closing meetings (they converted from prospects to sales opportunities)

    What's the conversion ratio from potential lead to suspect?
    What's the conversion ratio from suspect to prospect?
    What's the conversion ratio from prospect to sales opportunity?
    What's the conversion ratio from sales opportunity to account won?

    Again, please provide link (source) to back up input? Seeking general stats on this... thanks
    pballew0, Aug 10, 2015