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    I almost always weigh in, in favor of the independent channel, HOWEVER... Sometimes the mentoring is lacking that rout. Most captive channels offer great proprietary, and ok general knowledge to noob's just starting out in the business. There are far more wrong directions you can turn than positive in your first gig, so no matter where you end up going as a new person, its fairly common to see people end up elsewhere.

    Take anything you approach as a training opportunity, look at the exit limitations and opportunities with each... because at the end of the day that matters FAR more than the up front numbers.

    Everything you read here is based on opinion, and these are just my opinions... but either way, its a great career if you work your tail off and learn as much as you can, as fast as you can.

    The one thing common amongst most current and former Farmers agents I know, is that they wish they had started out elsewhere, could get out, or wished they never got into insurance... It's a bloody shame to see good talent learn the hard way, but then again, maybe you'll never appreciate where you end up unless you suck a lemon on your first gig.

    Final Answer... Anything but door #1

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