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Oct 18, 2016

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    Dear members,

    I am currently in Ellicott City, MD. I am extremely interested in pursuing a independent ( work from home ) sales agent / broker opportunity. I enjoy working out of the home office.

    I have been working remotely since 2003. I have ample business experience. I have successfully enhanced sales into the 7 figure range ( from zero ) within multiple vertices. I am strategic and analytical when it comes to marketing and planning. I am a producer. I am hungry to build my own business.

    I absolutely love meeting with customers, educating them, and and providing the specific value for them. Relationship building is also a strength of mine. I enjoy meeting people.

    I am natural sales & Biz development guy. I am use to handling a lot on my own ( well organized ). I need help and advice from you all.

    If you could please provide insight into what you would do, right now. This would be helpful.

    I want this for the Long haul. My goal is to build a 200K / 300K income within 2 years of starting. I then want to own my business to create an asset.

    1. What net income is attainable?
    2. What area ( product ) produces the most upside ( commission & residuals )?
    3. Build from scratch or buy a book?
    4. Should I work with a large agency in the area / mentor?
    5. Can anyone suggest a seasoned VET in Ellicott City md / Columbia MD area?

    I would love to speak with someone live over phone. Meeting locally is also welcomed.

    Thanks in advance. Someone please school me. If you had to start now. What would you do to maximize your earning potential?