Pre-Qualified $2.00 Live Call Transfers

May 16, 2018

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    Yes...that’s correct….not a typo.

    Through this technological breakthrough, a group of people has been saved from complete, utter, destruction….but more on that in a bit.

    We’ve discovered the Holy Grail of Life Insurance Leads…

    We’ve found a way to give you High Quality Live Call Transfers Directly to Your Phone, that are Pre-Qualified by our Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Technology.

    Click Here to Listen to the A.I. on a Live Call

    Here’s what our clients are saying….

    T. Taylor said,
    “This is incredible...I’ve been paying $30 for a final expense lead, that I had to drive and go see for an appointment! To see that we can get Live, Interested Prospects for $2.00 per transfer is just unbelievable...I’m still in shock.”

    H. Bishop, with Freedom Equity Group said,
    “These are the most amazing leads I have ever received in my 17 years in the life insurance industry. I’ve never seen leads more responsive to Living Benefits offers. I actually took an app on my 4th transfer!”

    Tony C. said,
    “I received 3 calls inside of 30 minutes, and made a sale on the third call for a $100,000 term policy. Pretty good for $6.00 in lead costs!”

    Vince W. said,
    “The transfers just kept coming, smooth and efficient. I actually took 7 calls in the first 30 minutes….all were very responsive.”

    How are we doing this?

    We’ve developed special, Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Technology that:
    1. Does 100% of Your Prospecting
    2. Speaks to the Prospect
    3. Determines their interest level
    4. Determines if they are Qualified
    5. and then Transfers the Call!
    That’s it! It doesn’t take breaks, and ONLY TRANSFERS with the Permission of the Prospect.


    As a Pre-Launch Customer, you’ll get VIP Treatment.

    This means we are offering EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to Receive:
    • Massive Discounts on Live Call Transfers with Price Lock Guarantees
    • 6 Month Exclusive Affiliate Program (starting after pre-launch)
    for as long as you are an IntelleLeads Customer.

    Click Here to Watch the Exclusive A.I. Video

    We’ll see you on the inside.


    IntelleLeads Team

    PS. This Pre-Launch Opportunity WILL Sell Out….so Be Sure to Take Advantage.
    Click Here to Lock in Your $2.00 per Transfer Discounted Price

    PPS. Remember the people saved from destruction? They were a group of insurance agents who never made it in the business because of high lead cost, and not enough people to talk to….sound familiar? Like them, you can stop the bleeding...and take calls from home.
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Not open for further replies.