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    I was receiving many emails from sales leads USA and a (sales man named) Mike Riley see below

    Sales Leads

    to me

    We’ll like to thank all the Insurance agents and agencies who we’ve partners with for 2016.

    We also hit record numbers for Medicare season this year.

    To show our appreciation we’re a $75 to $150 discount on orders placed over the next 2 weeks. To the next 12 orders in our data base and we’ll lock in that rate for 2017.

    · Auto Insurance Leads: (SOLD OUT) - SPECIAL OFFER - $500 for 30 Normally $650

    · Turning 65 and Special needs Pre-sets: (8 ORDERS LEFT) $550 for 20 Normally $675

    · Med Supps Presets: (12 ORDERS LEFT) $500 for 20 Normally $600

    · Final Expense Leads: (3 ORDERS LEFT) $550 for 30 Normally $650

    · Annuity Leads (SOLD OUT)

    · IUL leads and Pre-sets (SOLD OUT)



    · Long Term Care leads (SOLD OUT)


    Sold out campaigns are not being offered until January 15th 2017 to service existing accounts

    All leads are exclusive and generated by ENGLISH Speaking telemarketers!


    Mike Riley (Senior Account Ex) Direct Cell: 678.558.2334

    well I guess I was 1 of the fools that trusted this and bought in...
    At 1st I only bought 20 appointments and a coworker bougth 20... so we split the cost as they would not accept an order for less than 40 appts... $1100.00

    I was expecting to have 10 appts a week starting the week after new years... they didn't have anything booked for me for 3 weeks and when I'd call asking when they would have appts for me they got very angry as if I was wrong for calling wondering when they'd be booking for me. How dare I expect to have them in a timely manner... but they finally booked me appts and I wrote some biz. My coworker didn't have the good fortune I did... he got stood up quite a bit and became very frustrated so he chose not to participate ....
    I know it's a numbers game and you gotta see a lot of people to get some business...So I sent by paypal my next order $1100.00 for 40 presets.

    All supposed to be T-65... wow what a great gig this was going to be for me...If I write 4 a week I'll be doing fine and I wanted to see 10-15 a week... it would be worth the driving ... I'm very HUNGRY.

    Well after the 1st round they were out of T65... sorry no one else in Philly is turning 65, how about we book you LOW INCOMES... all right I'll take them.
    after 2 weeks of getting stood up by the low lifes- sorry if your offended but the truth hurts.. not every low income is a low life but I got stood up too much to not be bitter. I told the preset company no more LOW INCOMES.. lets expand the T65 area to a different ZIP CODE area. sorry no one is t65 there... then they said how about FInal Expense... I said yes but only target incomes over 25k a year...and even thats still low but I didn't want the medicaid clients .. CHARGEBACK CITY.

    I even sent the preset company over 100 actual mailouts responders that people replied too and too call them and book me from those. Those were HOT LEADS... now I know some people will not remember mailing it in.. we all know that... but at least book me 1 out of 5... nope they wouldn't call because the numbers weren't in an excel form. Then 4 weeks went by and I had no appointments from them. I emailed they said they were trying but couldn't get me anything... but if I didn't email them they never contacted me.

    I was just supposed to sit and wait for appointments that never came. If I emailed them that I booked my own appointmetns for a certain date and time they'd reply "NOTED" but no other emails and no appointments.

    So in the beginning I asked about the refund policy... they told me I was protected by PAYPAL--- WRONG....

    I tried disputing the charge with paypal this past week and I got my reply from paypal... sorry you are not protected by our PayPal Buyer Protection Guarantee...

    Bottom Line here People... If you get marketed by this organization ...xyzn.. fast.. but please let me know... I would love to screw with them since they screwed with me and still owe me alot of money or appointments.. I'll take either but they won't refund me nor get me appointments...

    there I said my peace.
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    Sorry that happened. I typically begrudge folks who buy leads and complain HOWEVER I genuinely think you simply wanted some help mixed with your stellar work ethic, it's shameful the company you hired doesn't work the same but there in lies the problem when you have to rely on others.

    My only small advice would be to take what you learned and try to work on an SEO system or inbound marketing direct to your phone/desk. Good Luck and thanks for the warning.
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    I was lucky that I used a credit card. After 6 weeks of waiting for someone to call or email me about my order, I gave up. Called my credit card company and said I have been scammed. They reversed the charge. Stupid company!

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