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Sep 1, 2015

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    Hey all. I am a 10 yr veteran of Pri I was recruited by them out of college and have a solid book of business. I have 9 mil of personal assets under management and 17 mil within my team. I have 2 full time agents in my agency and 4 other agency's(other vps) that I have developed. I use American Funds for most of my clients and have 400 clients that invest into a Roth each month between $50 and $400 a month.

    I am thinking about going out on my own but don't know if that is a good move or not. I don't like all the recruiting hype but it doesn't affect me because I am in total control of my business and don't take my people to that. I am at 110% commission on life plus a 10% bonus. I override 4 other guys who are 110% also because they pay me 15-25% on their sales. I make 62% payout on investments plus a 6% override on my vps.

    What would you do if you were me? Who's life product would you sell and who would you use as your broker dealer? How do I set it up where I can still get paid on my agents but keep them on a good comp plan?

    How does managing partner work? Any advise please fill me