Problems with ACA Express for Enrollments

Nov 22, 2015

  1. djumterps

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    Putting this out here for any others. Maybe some have found the same issues or even solutions.

    Many Enrollments on ACA express hung in processing for over a week. I have 2 that have been hung for almost 2 weeks now.
    They were able to push many through , after multiple complaints and messages to them. The last two I have asked to be killed because I enrolled them in a different platform.
    The apps that they pushed through look like they had multiple application ID attempts.
    This has been complicated by the fact the many are on UHC and I can't re-enroll or face a large loss of commissions.

    Now I am noticing that many are not showing up enrolled within UHC and I think many are the apps that were hung in processing for over a week. This is a big concer because of commission changes

    I also noticed that any apps with more than one person were never enrolled properly and the Apt number field dropped that info and it didn't transmit. Anyone that used ACA exp may want to check on their enrollments. I had to correct 25% of my original enrollments.

    They have been silent to any support responses for almost a week now.
  2. KennyWest

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    We have not been silent on Support though in any event send me an email with your name as it is listed in your profile and I will get it taken care of and make sure I find out why your questions and requests have not been taken care of in a timely manner. Wish I could help now but have no way to associate your user name here to you on our platform.

    Email me at
    [email protected]