Proposed ACA Rule Changes for 2017

Jan 28, 2016

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    Plan Design and Broker Rate Disclosure. First, HHS needs to include the release of plan designs and broker rates to be included in the official timetable announced by the federal government each year. Specifically, NAHU recommends publishing this information on or before October 17, 2016. NAHU writes:

    Without adequate time to prepare and develop solid coverage recommendations for their clients, agents and brokers are forced to spend valuable open-enrollment time learning about the costs and features of various plans and doing client-specific analysis. That time would be far better used directly reaching consumers and working through options with them. NAHU believes that giving the individuals who help consumers directly as much time as possible to familiarize themselves with plan choices and prices would be very beneficial to the marketplace and consumers.

    Consistent Broker Rates Through Out Plan Year. NAHU recommends that HHS stipulate in the final letter for future plan years beginning in 2017 that “if an issuer files a premium rate with the state that includes broker compensation and the filed premium rate and plan design is ultimately approved by the CMS QHP rate review and certification process, then as a condition of approval the issuer may not alter the general compensation rate for brokers proposed and approved for the duration of that plan year.” NAHU added that this policy should not stop an issuer from suspending broker compensation for unethical behavior or misconduct.

    Federal Government Publishes Draft 2017 Letter to Issuers on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace: CMS Considers Feedback Submitted from NAHU and other Organizations | Healthcare Exchange


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    No No Duaine. Keep yours going! Rule changes are a good subject to focus on, because there's a lot of them. HHS, CMS, DOL, IRS and OPM all screw around with ObamaCare in the hopes of killing it off, so single-payer can emerge.