Proposed Law Threatens Mailers (This is no joke)

Aug 20, 2008

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    As some of you may know we sell data and leads in addition to our Predictive Dialer services. This was sent to us by one of our suppliers. What are your thoughts on this?

    Proposed Law Threatens Mailers and their Suppliers (This is No Joke)

    Dear Direct Marketer,

    For those of you in California you should take action, and those outside CA please take notice.
    If your livelihood involves any aspect of the mailing business, you need to help defeat
    proposed California law SB 1400, as this proposed law will have a devastating impact
    on the direct marketing industry.

    That's why it is vitally important for you to contact your California State Senator via email,
    phone, or letter. You can get contact information for your Senator at the following link:

    As I write to you today, SB 1400 could become the first law in the nation requiring consumers
    to "opt-in" or give their permission in writing, before they could receive advertising mail.

    And, while SB 1400 will only require "opt-in" for sweepstakes mailings, if this bill becomes law, it will only be a matter of time before a floodgate of new "opt-in" laws are passed across the nation requiring consumer permission to receive catalogs, financial mailings, coupons, and virtually every type of advertising mail.

    Environmental groups wanting to save trees are already trying to get "opt-in" laws passed so
    consumers would have to give their permission before they could receive a catalog in the mail.

    I don't need to tell you the implications for your business if "opt-in" becomes the new rule in
    advertising mail. You will see mail volumes at a fraction of what they are today. You will see
    mail houses, direct mail printers, mail list firms, and all companies doing mailings, including your
    business, shrink as mail volumes get smaller and smaller with each new "opt-in" law.

    We all know California is the "bell weather state." Fashions, trends, and yes, new types of
    government regulations often start in California then spread to the rest of the nation. That is why it is so very important for you to ask your California State Representative to vote NO on SB 1400. And if you don't live in California, please get in touch with your vendors, clients, and associates in that state and ask them to contact their State Senator.

    Perhaps you are thinking the California legislature would never pass a law that would have such a drastic impact on the mailing industry. Well, SB 1400 has already passed the California State Senate. The bill has also been reported out of Committee in the Assembly. So all that stands between SB 1400 becoming the first "opt-in" law in the nation is a majority vote by the California Assembly and the Governor's signature.

    Remember, proposed law SB 1400 would be the first "opt-in" law in the nation requiring consumers to give their permission before you could send them advertising mail. And while
    SB 1400 is now limited to advertising mail which includes a sweepstakes, if it becomes
    law, you and I will see more and more "opt-in" laws dealing with virtually every type of advertising mail.

    So -- please-- right now, while you are thinking about it, contact your California State Senator and urge a NO vote on SB 1400. And if you do not live in California, contact your California-based vendors, clients, associates, and your national trade association contacts.
    The direct marketing industry cannot afford to let SB 1400 become law.

    Mail volume reductions of 60-90% could happen in catalogs, insurance mailings, fundraising,
    and in all areas of advertising mail if we allow "opt-in" to spread in our industry.

    Please act today to stop SB 1400.
    Alsky, Aug 20, 2008


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    Stupid tree huggers... I hate to tell them paper is a renewable resource. This could also raise postage rates big time - the reason it is so cheap to mail a letter coast to coast is VOLUME.

    It never ceases to amaze me the garbage that comes out of CA. Great beautiful state ruined by liberal politicians and illegal immigration. Unbelievable.

    I am so glad I live in Texas.
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    What's next......having an opt in list for commercials????

    I'd love to hear the reasons on how people propose such an asinine idea!
    salpro22, Aug 20, 2008
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    South Carolina
    ....never have to worry about stuff like this passing since the post office would lose millions.
  5. karenabcde

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    Healthagent-I sure hope you're right. What you say surely does make sense, but sense doesn't necessarily trump MOB RULE.

    Seems like this would go a long way to causing a depression.
  6. Guest

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    More like they would lose Billions. I doubt that would go through, but in the right state, you never know.
    Guest, Aug 21, 2008
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    I can't even imagine what the stupid supermarkets would do, now that they've consolidated their advertising in a package sold through a newspaper (but nearly daily in the mailbox).

    I don't see it happening. All the tree-huggers should be proud of people like me, I recycle as much as I possibly can!
    Mr. Bill, Aug 21, 2008
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    LOL - I had to comment.

    Bitchin' about illegal immigration from texas never the less - too funny . . .

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    So in order to opt in or out, there would have to be a mailing. Or would it work like the DNC list.

    Those sweepstakes deserve to be put out, but our economy depends on advertising.
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    Dave020, Aug 22, 2008