Question about flexible legit companies

Feb 12, 2019

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    My name is James I am in Florida and hold a 20-44 and a 2-15. I have worked for a state farm agency previously. If it matters in the least I also have an MBA.

    Life circumstances have changed and the summary essentially is I am a parental and household caretaker though I am not independently wealthy so I still require income.

    My first thought was independent contractor insurance sales or captive agent with an independent schedule. I would think I would have a hard time starting my own agency considering I do not have a book of business to show production and I also don't have start up capital or credit due to my situation.

    I'm here looking for a point in the right direction. I obviously do not want to sell a person something they do not need and refuse to compromise my personal values.

    Does anyone have advice for opportunities that have that sort of flexibility?

    I have been approached by primerca and after reading about them turned them down I was also contacted by symmetry financial and did not follow up on contact after reviews. Colonial left me a voicemail asking to talk to me though they only said colonial. I have applied at mutual of Omaha with no current response.

    Thanks a million for suggestions.

    Fairly certain I don't want to sell final expense insurance, accident insurance or cancer type plans.
    Jimothy, Feb 12, 2019