Question re: former smokers/high choles.

Mar 5, 2008

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    I have a client who has a couple of issues. Cholesterol was VERY high when he last saw his doc (aug 07) but is on medication and he is a former smoker. However is is only smoke free for 9 months. He does not want to get a paramed for fear that the high cholesterol number will have only slightly improved and he gets rejected, so he wants to go simplified issue. He is a young guy (43) with kids and freaking out right now b/c he has no life insurance and just saw a buddy of his die of a heart attack at 42. He wants the life insurance quickly for his own peace of mind and wants to get even more on himself once he has his cholesterol in check. Other than the cholesterol issue he is in good health and good ht/wt.

    I was going to go with Fidelity Simplified issue but I am concerned that the underwriter will ask for an APS and he was better off going the paramed route to begin with. Based on this info, is it typical that an underwriter will ask for an APS? I'm not sure what an MIB contains or how that info is gathered and was curious if his actual cholesterol result were on that from his lab work and if it shows his smoking status? Which brings up another question...if an MIB shows someone as a smoker and they have quit a while back, how does this affect the client? Is this the best place to get simplified issue?

    Thanks for helping a newbie!
    Guest, Mar 5, 2008
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    This is one client on whom I'd definitely write a simplified-issue product. I would lean to a Mutual of Omaha Express Term product.
    TimLett, Mar 6, 2008