Questions About Subwoofer Equiptment & Geico

Dec 27, 2015

  1. Travis123

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    So I drive a Honda Civic 2003 and was looking to put some subwoofers in it. I currently have a subwoofer sitting here in my room, but currently not using it.

    It is a DCWR122 Subwoofer.

    I asked my dad what insurance the vehicle had and he said liability only. Is there a way I can get the subwoofer insured? Like calling and adding a separate insurance plan for the setup? Or does the entire plan need to be changed to comprehensive?

    I don't want to put a subwoofer in the car just for it to get stolen and lose the money I paid for it. I originally bought it a few months ago to resell, but haven't gotten very many buyers, so I am just going to use it at this point if I can.
  2. djs

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    You would need comprehensive, though that isn't very much.
    You would also need an endorsement for non-original equipment so it would be covered. Depending on the value of the subwoofer, this could be additional cost to substantial additional cost.

    You'll have to call your insurance agent / carrier and ask. Be very specific about what you ask for though. Know the value of the subwoofer and ask specifically if it would be covered if stolen. It would not be covered if destroyed in a crash, though that isn't usually an issue with subwoofers.

    djs, Dec 27, 2015