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Oct 10, 2008

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    I'm a formerly licensed H&L Producer, who wishes this forum resource would've been available back in '02-'03 back when I was pushing Fortis/Golden Rule, LTC, and Term.

    My business was previously in Colorado, and though I was very young, I was also pretty good at the Biz. My youthful indiscretions led me away from my business, and I've since regretted letting in go, mainly due to watching the residuals come in and then slowly trickle away.

    I'm now living on the New Hampshire/Mass border, and my inclination is to believe that the marketplace for Health Insurance here is quite a bit different than what I experienced in Colorado.

    My question for the experts on this board is this: What is the best way to build an brokerage in Mass/NH? Are there challenges here that aren't present elsewhere? What are the best companies to represent, do they appoint direct, or must you go through a FMO/MGA?

    If you were in my position what would you do? Big Thanks.