Radio Talk Show - anyone Do One Before?

Jan 6, 2016

  1. rogersinsgroup

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    Hello everyone, I got an invite from a local (Ann Arbor) business AM talk show for a approx 15 minutes spot to discuss my agency and insurance. The details are somewhat vague and I haven't listened to this station before so I am pretty blind.

    My dilemma is I have to give them a synopsis tomorrow on what I'm talking about and it is this coming Tuesday morning.

    If you were on a radio show, what would you discuss?

    Right now I'm planning on mentioning my competitive advantage I have over captives and other IA, since I represent a few companies that are also captives (Allstate & Nationwide to be specific) along with the smaller mutual companies and typical IA carriers (Progressive & Safeco for ex).

    - Our full service advantage (yeah I know every agency states this it seems)
    - Misconceptions in Michigan's No Fault Laws

    - Maybe water back up exposure ?
    - Maybe replacement cost v. market value?

    I know for a fact I can spend 15 min on no fault alone, but I would like to plug the agency quite a bit and our service.

    Any help, advice or insight would be great.

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    I've done 2 local TV shows before & a radio show. The TV shows were in the winter so I discussed winter relevant information (trees falling down because of snow & who's responsibility that was, power outages & insurance, how ice damming may be excluded when it comes to contents, ice damming in general, frozen exterior faucets etc.) It was also around hurricanes so i bashed some of the competition's larger deductibles.

    The real estate market was also a topic of discussion because of all the foreclosures so i tied in vacancy & property insurance etc.

    Don't forget how stuff we take for granted...most people truly don't know or understand.

    That being said, I never got any business from any of it lol. Fortunately, it was free. You best bet is trying to then quote the host's insurance.
  3. marindependent

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    rogersinsgroup- great opportunity. Post the link the show, would love to hear how it turns out!
  4. Heather

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    New York
    I was on the radio to frighten people into buying renters insurance and have their home owners reviewed. The spot opened up with my add that had the sounds of breaking glass and you heard two burglars saying
    "grab the xBox" "look a new iPad, grab it to"

    This was right after Christmas last year. Got no calls right away, but people started associating me with the stupid commercial, and lots of my customers heard it. It was a new radio station and really cheap to advertise on to the non-standard crowd.
    Heather, Jan 6, 2016