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Dec 19, 2015

  1. Tcm

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    I been in marketing and account management with tobacco companies for past 14+ years. However due to lack of career growth, I am now changing to insurance. I have just passed the FL P&C 2-20 exam and was mainly looking for an producer job with a local independent agency.

    Now I need to find a good fit. I have a few appointments next week but I'm unsure what questions to ask and what qualities to look for in a good agency. My idea of a perfect fit would be a fair split, paperless technology, solid products, with in a motivational environment. Is this a good way to look at it?

    Any other qualities in an agency that would help in making this decision?

    Tcm, Dec 19, 2015
  2. AZDave

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    That is a great way to look at it!

    I would also want to know:

    P&C has high service demand - who is going to provide it?

    Insurance is all about prospects - who is going to furnish them?

    Renewals are the reason we are in this business. Make sure your getting a fair share.

    Option at future date to own your book. Usually after a certain volume is achieved.

    Welcome to the business. Best of luck to you!

    AZDave, Dec 19, 2015

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    My ask would be along these lines:

    What (P&C Sales) training are you offering?

    Do you offer warm leads I can cultivate? Or am I cold calling?

    What are my sales goals at 6/12/18/24 months? What are my rewards for meeting those goals?

    Splits on renewal that I service?

    Ownership of new that I bring in?

    These are all reasons I never bothered with the Producer title per se. Had I been willing and able to go it alone I would have done just that! Willing more than able though. I preferred a steady paycheck so I stayed on the "CSR" side and took fees for the new I brought in.

    Go online and research the agencies/brokerages in your area in light of your wants and needs. If you're really green to insurance, you'll want training and guidance. Most insurance companies have a producer training program you can attend. Ask about that......

    We're all selling something, no?

    Best of luck to you - hit me up if you need more. Some of us have been in this business for 20+ years and can help you.
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