Recommendation for Online Courses for Life-Only?

Discussion in 'Insurance Pre-Licensing Forum' started by healthhelper, Mar 16, 2017.

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    Hi all,
    I'm helping my boss get his Life-Only license activated again, however his license expired over 10+ years ago so I am trying to get him a new license for CA.

    Are there any online courses that anyone has taken and knows that it's a good legitimate site?

    I personally have never had a license and therefore researching CA DOI's site says that they accept online courses for the 20 hours of prelicensing study and 12 hours of laws, ethics and insurance code.

    I have found a few websites via Google but I'm unsure if they are good/responsive and actually is compliant with CA DOI.

    Nationalonlineinsuranceschool - $125 - $39.99

    Kaplanfinancial - $129

    Firstchoiceprelicensing - $54.99

    Proschools - $129

    Cpmipro - $99.95

    Adbanker - $209.85

    If anyone has had personal experience with any of them, any help is appreciated! If there is one that isn't listed and you feel its better than any of them... please recommend them!

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    Hey, I recently did Life Insurance and Property and Casualty through the internet.

    I used License Coach for Life.. I dont think anyone could do much better then their platform

    I used Kaplan for P&C because it was the cheapest I found, and I was running out of money :). Kaplan was cheap, and super boring.. I enjoyed being on license coach way better and retained easier.
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    I recently used I think it was only $70. Boring but very solid.

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