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Nov 6, 2007

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    Got a call yesterday from a forum member with a referral. Seems his client had moved from his state to mine and he wanted me to contact them about changing their insurance.

    He had given her my name and told her to expect my call.

    I called her within 30 minutes of the referral which was perhaps 2 minutes after getting the voice mail message.

    The lady is either frazzled or is talking to a lot of agents about health insurance. I can't say for sure which it is, but it appears she is taking notes from conversations with different people.

    The first thing I told her was that her BX coverage did not transfer with her to Georgia.

    She told me that BX of (the other state) had told her she could keep it and use it anywhere.

    OK . . . not going to argue that one even though I believe she is wrong.

    She is paying about $300 per month. Similar coverage here is more like $700.

    She said if she had to pay that much she would just keep what she had.

    I asked if it was OK if I sent her some plans to consider and she agreed. I also pointed out that her current plan has some severe limits such as $500 on Rx. I later found out it has a $1M lifetime max and a few other surprises.

    The plans I sent included plans with higher deductibles including some in the $200 - $300 per month range. I pointed out that these plans had richer Rx benefits and still limited her OOP on a major claim to something close to her tolerance point.

    Today I followed up. She did receive my proposal (of course I already knew that) and wanted to tell her husband what I had said about their coverage. She blew me off again, saying she was busy but she would get back to me.

    I said sure, but that I would send some additional information via email and wait on her to call back.

    In the follow up email I suggested she go to the website for her carrier and conduct a provider search. Do like I did, enter in her zip and see what comes up.

    I copied & pasted the response in my email.

    Your search for providers/facilities in DALLAS, GA 30132 returned no results. Please expand your distance or select another zip code or city.

    So . . . all providers near her home are out of network. That means more OOP to her.

    She may not believe me. Wonder if she will believe her carriers web site?

    Guess I will find out soon enough.
    somarco, Nov 6, 2007