Request to Review Chapter in Educational Book

Oct 15, 2016

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    I work for a micro-nonprofit 501(c)(c) that has a mission to rescue dogs and train them as service dogs. Rather than expanding our organization to rescue and train more dogs (we worry about not doing a good job if we expand), I have written a 70,000 word how-to educational book to help other professional dog trainers who want to start their own nonprofits to train service dogs for people with disabilities. (100% of profits from the book will go directly to the nonprofit to rescue and train these wonderful dogs).

    One chapter is all about insurance. Would someone be willing to review the chapter? You could look for errors, or parts that need clarification, or anything else. Even if you do not specialize in nonprofits (or dogs), ANY feedback from a knowledgeable person would be very appreciated. We want to make sure we are giving out the right information! Please Private-Message me (or post here and I'll PM you) if you are interested in donating time to help. You could probably even write off your time as pro-bono work?

    Thank you for your consideration.
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    Your username looks like it could be the name of a metal band.:cool: