Rick Bruan aka RJB Financial

Apr 13, 2019

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    I am located in Ohio and I was contacted my Mr. Braun about a new life insurance-related product. There are a couple old threads from 2014 and 2017 related to problems agents were having. Both of them had to do with the credibility of some of his leads and lead sources and issues related to chargebacks.
    The new opportunity is somewhat appealing to me, but I don't want to get involved if this agent or his agency isn't credible to work with. I really cannot find much about him online either. I would appreciate other agents feedback if they have worked with him in the past.
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    I had a FE contract (United Heritage) through an upline agent of his a few years back when I was new to the industry. I only spoke with him maybe once or twice.

    Being new, I didn't know an 80% contract was crap, and I also financed two "Walmart" 1,000 piece lead drops, which yielded 10 for one drop and 11 for the other (to be fair, it was summertime).

    My first day out in the field, I sold a few policies to an elderly couple who had just returned from a funeral where the family was fighting over who was paying for it. The husband had major health issues (but not GI) and I could only sell UH with these leads now remember, even though they weren't free.

    A couple days later I was advanced over $2,000 and I felt successful. Then the couple canceled the policies before even paying the first premium, as they couldn't afford it. I called to try and lower the face, but they were adamant they wanted to cancel. So, I sold a few more smaller policies with those leads then stopped selling them.

    Not sure who dropped who, but Rick and United Heritage parted ways in late 2017. I received a letter from UH stating I need to pony up the chargeback and lead debt $ or I'd be Vectored. I was fortunate they worked out a payment plan, which I paid off as agreed.