Root Auto Insurance Launches in Ohio

Oct 28, 2016

  1. Brian Anderson

    Brian Anderson Executive Editor

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    A new direct-to-consumer, “entirely mobile-based” auto insurance startup just launched in Ohio. Posted a release about it at the link below.

    Root is calling itself the first car insurance company using real driving data to determine rates for all of their customers and says its "data-driven approach allows the company to ensure that good drivers receive the prices they deserve, rather than basing estimates primarily on outdated demographic data that much of the industry relies upon."

    From the company’s own bio:

    At Root we only insure good drivers, and that is why our rates are always fair. Unlike other insurance companies, we do not bundle good drivers with bad drivers. Instead, we use data science to find and reward good drivers with the best rates.

    So I guess if you sign up for their coverage and in due time your driving habit data indicates you are a bad driver/high risk, they quickly price you out of coverage, forcing you to switch to another carrier?

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